Evangelist Duncan Nyamu
Boda boda   is a sector   in  transport  industry that is dominated  by male operators  with a small percentage of female operators who earn ,and sustain their lives and families through the same. Sports is a system of physical activities or games which aims at maintaining and improving physical ability and facilitates enjoyment  in oneself .It  brings together both the young and the old as they either play or watch games.
In boda  boda and sports department ,people in all levels of live are in board.  

To encourage the church  to use boda boda sector as  a  ministerial tool ,and be good  role models for the glory of God.
To fulfill the great commission   through   sports evangelism , and  share the love of Christ  for the Glory of God .
  • Safety
  • Faithfulness
  • Honesty
  • Resourceful

  • Pastoral visit to boda  boda operators and  passengers
  • Pastoral visit to sports men and women both  young and old moreso those in the playing field
  • Pastoral visit to boda operators in hospitals
  • Pastoral visit to boda operators in remand /prisons
  • Attending occasions and ceremonies for boda boda and sports people ( weddings and burials).
During this trying period of Covid-19,the department will remain stable through:
   *Internet and Whatsapp  groups and   making frequent calls to group leaders and members and where possible meet the individuals .


i).To work closely with the Bishop, Archdeacons ,Rural-Deans and all parish priests.
ii).Maintain   the annual activities   (i.e celebrations  and  prayers day ). 
iii).Continue   with pastoral  programme to groups ,individuals and  teams in the  playing fields,


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