Rev. Jackline Ndege

The children’s department in the Diocese of Kirinyaga deals with children from the ages of as early as birth. This is in conformation to the great commission (Matthew 28:19-20) and the Lord’s command, “Let the Children come to me, and do not hinder them for the kingdom of God belongs such as these” (Mark 10:14). The main aim of the Children’s department is to help Children to grow and become strong Christians by having a relationship with Christ. Currently there are about 300 Sunday school classes in the diocese. These classes are spread over our seven Archdeaconries namely; Mutira, Cathedral, Kiandangae, Kabare, Ngiriambu, Wang’uru and Thiba.

Rev. Jackline Ndege is the Diocesan Children’s Ministry Coordinator in the Diocese of Kirinyaga.

Ven. Mary Muringo Muriuki is currently the Department’s Chairperson, from being the longest serving coordinator of the same department.

To produce a wholesome Christian, who is a role model and can cope and adapt to modern challenges in a multicultural society.
To provide a comprehensive and relevant Children’s program in all Children services and activities (c.f. Luke 2:52- i.e. the four square program)
Core Values
1) In-depth understanding of the Bible
2) A well balanced Christian living
3) A spirit of servant-hood and commitment
4) Loyal defense of Christian faith
Core Business
1) Consistently teaching the truth of the Bible to all Children
2) Provision of diversified programs to the Children
3) Positive role modeling by all Church stake holders
4) Equipping Children with spiritual weapons (Ephesians 6:13-17)
• To impart Christian values in every Child
• To create social-Economic and political awareness to all children
• To provide relevant knowledge that can mould a child to become a responsible human being.
• To train and develop all teachers with relevant skills and knowledge necessary to produce a wholesome Christian
Activities in the Department
  • We have a continuous training and licensing of Sunday school teachers under the provincial program/curriculum of training and licensing of Sunday school teachers. This will go on until all or over 90% of the teachers are trained. Those trained are then licensed by the Bishop at a time that rhymes with his program. They are given a license which is renewable every three years. After three renewals, the teachers will go through another training and receive a new certificate
  • Annual Diocesan Children’s day every last Saturday of August. On this day, we gather the all Children together at a central place, they are taught by competent speakers, they have fun and we also collect money for the running of the department
  • Training and commissioning of Brigade officers as well as enrolment of Children every December.
  • Annual Brigade celebrations at the archdeaconry levels to mark the Boys’ Brigade day. The activities for the day are always recommended and organized by the Diocesan Sunday school/Brigade committee
We came up with a strategic plan document which will guide us on the activities of the department for the next five years. Unlike before, this time trough the strategic plan we are able to get feedback from congregations on how Sunday school is being taught there and any other activity going on


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