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Kenya Anglican Men’s Association (K.A.M.A), is a men’s fellowship in the Anglican Church of Kenya whose aim is to equip men to transform the family, church and society through the gospel of Christ. The first men’s fellowship in the Anglican Church in Kenya was commonly known as the Father’s Association in the late 1990’s. In the early 2000’s, the Province harmonized the various Diocesan Fathers’ constitutions, and established the current Kenya Anglican Men’s Association (KAMA). The committee came up the KAMA motto which is derived from Joshua 24:15b, “…as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

A caring Anglican Man boldly proclaiming Christ.

To equip Anglican men to transform the family, Church and society through the Gospel of Christ
Core Values
  1. Godliness
  2. Integrity
  3. Honesty
  4. Faithfulness
  5. Accountability
  6. Transparency
  7. Fairness
  8. Resourcefulness
Originally, KAMA had ten objectives which were consolidated to five in the new constitution and training manual. These objectives are:-
  1. To promote Spiritual empowerment
  2. To promote Christian Family and Marriage values
  3. To promote Economic empowerment
  4. To encourage Social partnerships and Community service
  5. To enhance Education and training
KAMA Theme 2020
Our theme for the year 2020 is derived from 2Kings 7:3, 4 which says, “…arise boldly and disciple the nations.” This is the story of the four lepers who were closed out the gates of Samaria. The city had been besieged by the Arameans and there was famine in the city. However, the lepers were rejected and kicked out of the city for religious and social reasons. They reasoned together and realized that they had a chance to save themselves although it was very risky. They resolved to go to the camp of the Arameans in order not die at the gate of the city doing nothing. They resolved to risk their lives, if they die, they die, and if they were spared, then they live. By the grace of God, the Arameans fled and left their camp unmanned. This gave the lepers abundant food and wealth. They ended up in saving those in the city although they had rejected them. This same wakeup call is being extended to all men in the Anglican Church of Kenya to arise boldly and reach out to other men (and women) and bring them into the fold of Christ, even if it means taking risks.
The department has made several achievements over the years in which it has been in existence.
  1. Each year, the department has been enrolling several hundreds of new members thus expanding its membership in the diocese.
  2. The department has also been able to put up rental houses at Kutus which is a source of revenue to the department
  3. The department has also been able to devolve its activities to the grassroots by having the archdeaconries, deaneries, parishes and congregations having some income generating projects
  4. Men down at the grassroots have been able to organize themselves into fellowships where they meet, encourage and learn from each other
  5. Mentorship programs to the boy child are slowly taking shape in deaneries and parishes e.g., Kagio parish, Kariru deanery etc.
  6. In collaboration with the stewardship department, it has now become a good habit to pay the departmental quota without much coercion
  7. Over 1,000 men attended the rededication service on 14/2/2020. This demystifies the popular idea of the assembly of men (alone) to a religious function
Program for 2020
In the KAMA program for this year, we have planned for the following activities:-
  1. 25/1/2020 – KAMA parish chairmen meeting at Kutus
  2. 14/2/2020 – Rededication service for all enrolled members at the Cathedral.
  3. March/April 2020 – recruitment process for enrolment candidates. This will be done per archdeaconry and will be attended by all congregation KAMA executives as follows:-
  4. Mutira archdeaconry –          6/3/2020 at Kagumo church
  5. Kiandangae archdeaconry -           7/3/2020 at Baricho church
  6. Kabare Archdeaconry                  -           11/3/2020 at Kabare church
  7. Cathedral archdeaconry -           19/3/2020 at Cathedral church
  8. Wang’uru archdeaconry -           20/3/2020 at Difathas church
  9. Ngiriambu archdeaconry -           21/3/2020 at Ngiriambu church
  10. Thiba archdeaconry -           28/3/2020 at Sagana church
  11. Following the above recruitment process, the Diocesan KAMA coordinator will also be inspected the recruited members from the parishes on certain dates which will be agreed between the archdeaconry KAMA committees and the Diocesan Coordinator
  12. 13th -17th April 2020 - Diocesan KAMA conference at Karoti girls. Each parish is required to sponsor at least four delegates
  13. The Diocesan coordinator will also be having forums for all parish KAMA committees at the deanery levels.
  14. 27/6/2020 – Enrolment/Rally at St. Thomas Cathedral. Where each Parish will pay their quota of Ks 20,000/= by this date. All KAMA candidates will also be enrolled on this day
  15. 31/7/2020 – Meeting with the newly enrolled members of 2019 and 2020 at Kutus
  16. 24th – 28th August 2020 – Regional KAMA Conference at Murang’a Teachers’ College. Each Parish to sponsor at least two delegates.
  17. KAMA elections will be conducted in the month of October as follows:-
  • 4/10/2020 – Congregation level
  • 11/10/2020 – Parish level
  • 19th – 24th – Deanery level
  • 26th – 31st – Archdeaconry level
  1. 11/11/2020 – Diocesan elections at Kutus. This will be attended by the Archdeaconry chairman and the Treasurer
Future plans
  1. The KAMA rental houses are far from being complete and therefore one of the future plans is to complete the houses
  2. Coming up with more men-friendly programs in consultation with relevant opinion leaders
  3. To strengthen the congregational and parish KAMA fellowships where men may be getting regular spiritual nourishment
  4. Encourage all men to have individual income generating projects, and to come with ways of monitoring to ensure this becomes a reality
How we will remain relevant during the lockdown period
With the advent of the Covid-19 pandemic, all public activities were suspended except the most vital for societal survival. This did not spare the church and consequently all departmental activities. In the KAMA department, we have a face book page (ITS NAME?) and four WhatsApp pages through which we communicate to different stake holders. We have a group for the Diocesan KAMA committee, for all parish KAMA chairmen (though not all are on WhatsApp), a group for all archdeaconry coordinators, and one for all deanery coordinators. Through these platforms, the diocesan Coordinator will be sharing departmental and other relevant information from time to time. On the same platforms, men will be encouraged to take charge of their family’s spiritual well being through the family service programs which are on-going in the diocese. For those who are not on WhatsApp, text messages will do.
However, we will be limited from holding meetings which would work better for the smooth running of the department. Where necessary and where possible, the Coordinator would be doing physical monitoring while adhering to the government’s directive on public behavior and to keep social distance.


Man has been given the responsibility to “tend” and to “keep” the garden (Gen 2:15). He cannot be able to do this away from the presence or the will of God. That is why KAMA is dedicated to bring more men into God’s service in his church, to equip them and to empower them to take their rightful place in the society, in the family and in the church so as to fulfill God’s mandate to them.

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