The Kenya Anglican Youth Organization (AYO) was started in the year 1962 by the then Bishop of Mt Kenya Diocese – the Late Obadiah Kariuki. He started it with the aim of bringing young people to the church of Christ. He had a great vision for young people and wanted a forum where they would be empowered in matters of faith and equipped to be soldiers of Christ. This department serves young people from 13 years and above.
In the year 1964, the Bishop launched the Diocesan A.Y.O at the St. Paul’s mother church Kabete and a youth committee was commissioned to carry on the enormous youth work in the Diocese. In the consequent synod all other Bishops agreed to start A.Y.O in their Dioceses. The name was later changed from A.Y.O to KAYO to cover the entire country.
In the commissioning service of the youth organization Bishop Kariuki highlighted the following:
  • The need for the church to relate to and respect the young people as persons – 1 Tim 4:12
  • Help the youths to develop a positive self image in Jesus Christ.
  • The need for the church leadership to accept the youths as they are – 1 Cor 9:22
  • Establish a close relationship (1 Thess 2:8) Be with them rather than be like them.
  • Provide Spiritual authority (work with them not just for them.)

The Bishops in the Province took Youth work seriously and discussed the Youth Agenda in all their important meetings. The Rev Chipman, (who later became the Bishop of M.t Kenya West) was appointed a full time youth worker.  This was a major boost to the Youth ministry as he did exemplary good work. This is what has led to the status of KAYO today whereby every Diocese has a functional KAYO.

In Kirinyaga we have a fulltime Youth worker namely Diocesan Youth Organizer (D. Y .O). The D.Y.O is the appointee of the Bishop. there is also a Diocesan Chairperson appointed by the standing committee of the synod. The Diocesan Leadership is held by the Diocesan Executive Committee comprising of the Chairman, DYO, Archdeaconry Coordinators both Clergy and Laity. The Leadership trickles down to the Deaneries, Parishes as well as the Congregations


“Be Strong in the Lord “Ephesians 6:10


Teach us Good Lord to serve you with all our strength, Body, Soul and Mind. To love you and rejoice in you always and to offer our services without counting the cost. Through Jesus Christ our lord. Amen.


I promise to love Jesus Christ all the days of my life, to pray for the other young people especially to join KAYO and to abide by the rules of the group.


Ee KAYO Mashahidi wa Yesu
Chama kikuu chenye kusudi kubwa
Kinawapendeza vijana, wasichana kwa wavulana
Ee KAYO Mashahidi wa Yesu


  1. To bring young people to know, to love Jesus Christ as savior and Lord.
  2. To build up young people in the knowledge and behavior of the Christian faith the Bible being the Foundation.
  3. To educate Young people in good Christian Character and to encourage them to be Leaders of the church.
  4. To help the church understand its responsibility towards young people.

  2. Capacity building

The department was able to undertake the following:

  1. Conferences: Participated in the regional, provincial and diocesan conferences, 1325 youth were reached
  2. Workshops: This included school leavers forum, university student forum, youth leaders workshop and Gents and Ladies day out a total of 923 youth were reached
  3. DYO'S visit to Archdeaconries and Parishes: All 7 Archdeaconries visited,  33 parishes. A total of 2347 youth reached.
  1. Celebration / commissioning: 345 commissioned. The celebration was attended by over  2500 youth
  2. Development: Construction of Amphitheater on progress




  1. Schools leavers forum 25TH January 2020
  2. Chairpersons meeting on 1st 2020
  3. Parish executive workshop on 22nd 2020
  4. Parish youth patrons retreat on14th march 2020
  5. Youth ministry week 6th -12th April 2020
  6. Parish chairperson visits the Bishop. 13th April 2020
  7. Diocesan youth celebration day on 18th April –  Kutus
  8. Regional conference run from 20th - -24th  April 
  9. University student forum on 5th June
  10. Chairpersons meeting - 11st July 2020  Kutus
  11. Gents and ladies day out 1st August 2020 –St Luke Wanguru
  12. Provincial conference August 2020
  13. Chairpersons meeting on 14th November 2020- Kutus
  14. Diocesan youth conference 7th to 12th December 2020
  15. Diocesan youth End of Year concert  on 18th   December

However, after the government's directive on suspension of social gatherings due to COVID 19, most of the activities have been suspended.


 Finishing of the amphitheater


  1. Online debate
  2. Online questions and answer forums
  3. Online discussions of selected topics
  4. Testimony forums
  5. Sharing of concern online

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