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Mission is not so much something we say but something we do. In Mathew 7:16, we are told,”by their fruits you will recognize them”. The fundamental characteristics of the mission and life of Christians is seen in James 2:14-25, which entreats us to be doers of the word .Faith without good deeds in useless. Mission therefore, is the way in which the church is sent out into the world to fulfill the great commission (Mathew 28:18-20).
Evangelism means to bring or to announce the good news .This entails dealing with very concrete needs of the people, hence evangelism is a process of concientization.It’s the liberation which lifts a person from a state of being inhuman to a state of being fully human, that is, holistic gospel according to John 10:10.Thus, evangelism is regarded as synonymous with the word mission but literary meaning preaching the gospel “and how shall they hear without a preacher? Yes, there must be a “preacher” The Missionary -and how shall thy preach except they are sent?”
In this regard Kirinyaga Diocese mission has always been a priority but operating under the Youth Department. In January 2016, mission became a department by itself whereby the Diocesan Bishop RT.REV JOSEPH KIBUCWA appointed full time Co-ordinator to run the department. In actual fact, the fundamental calling of the church is to evangelize and everything else is secondary.
  • A committed church which boldly proclaims the Gospel of Christ at Local churches, parishlevel, diocese and beyond.
  • To lead people throughout the diocese into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to strengthen the local church, parish, diocese and beyond.
  • Transforming the world so that the structure of injustices and oppression will be gotten rid of .This way, justice and righteous is established in the society. Luke 4:18-19
  • To progressively reach the unreached with the Gospel of Christ hence perfecting human race and the Kingdom of God.
  • To enhance the understanding of biblical teaching of Christianity maturity.
  • Training and sending of missioners in and outside the diocese
  • We endeavor to make mission and evangelism more fruitful by making use of the available gifts
  • Enhance moral and spiritual uprightness
  • Encourage team work and hard work


  1. Lay readers retreat at Kutus on 21st March 2022.
  2. Deanery and Archdeaconry coordinators visit at Bishops home on 23rd March 2022.
  3. Intercessory prayer kasha at Ichang’I on 22nd April 2022.
  4. C.C mission committee members retreat at Kutus on 29th April 2022.
  5. Intercessory committee retreat at Kithaara on 12th May 2022.
  6. Mission Day at St. Thomas Cathedral, Kerugoya on 4th June 2022.
  7. Lay readers workshop at Kutus on 6th August 2022.
  8. Diocesan prayer kasha at Kathiga on 26th August 2022.
  9. Intercessory retreat at Kiandangae on 17th November 2022.
  10. Diocesan mission conference on 28th Nov – 4th  2022 venue to be communicated.
  11. Diocesan prayer kasha at All Saints Mwea Town (ADS) on 9th December 2022.
  12. Lay readers workshop at St. Thomas Cathedral, Kerugoya on 14th December 2022.
  13. Diocesan intercessors conference at St. Paul’s Sagana on 26th -30th December 2022.
Various branches of the department
  1. Diocesan Evangelistic Team (DET ):this was started by Dr.JosiahMurage on 5th March 2011 and commissioned by the retired Bishop Daniel M.Ngoru on 27th August 2011
  2. Diocesan Intercessory Ministry: started and officially launched by Bishop Joseph Kibucwa on 5th December 2014 .Intercessors meet once in a month ie every first Friday of the month.
  • Gospel Seraph Singers: started by the Bishop Joseph Kibucwa and launched on 6th August 2016.The branch plans to put up their Music Studio.
  1. Layreaders:Voluntary licensed lay people to work together with parish priests especially in preaching ,assisting in Holy Communion and burial services etc
They also have income generating projects.
  1. Evangelists: these are employed by the church to teach catechism and do any other duty given by the parish priest.
  2. South Ngariama-Diocesan Mission Area (DMA)
  • In 2019 Boda and Sports was also included in mission department.
Functions of the Mission and Evangelism Department
  1. Organizing Diocesan Evangelistic mission, rallies ,door to door evangelism, revival fellowships and ,mission conferences
  2. Holding prayer Keshas and conferences
  3. Organizing retreats and workshops for various committees in the department
  4. Proclamation of the Good News through (DET) Diocesan Evangelist Team.
  5. Establish and strengthen intercessory groups at congregational level.
  6. Strengthen and extend the ministry in prisons
  7. Planning to extend mission and intercessory partnership
  8. Planning to extend mission / intercessory programs for Pillar TV
Generally, the department ensures that mission and evangelism work is carried out effectively through visits by the co-ordinator in Archdeaconries, Deaneries and Parishes.
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