MRS. Mary Karimi -Mothers' Union President
MRS. Liz Gota

The Mothers’Union is a world-wide Christian organization whose major concern has been Christian Care for families. Its main aim is to support monogamous marriage and family life, especially through times of adversity.

Its purpose is to strengthen and preserve marriage and Christian family life and to advance the Christian religion in the sphere of marriage and life.

Vision:A stable family grounded on Christ.

Mission:To promote programmes that contribute to the well-being of families.

In order to achieve the above, we are guided by the Mothers’ Union’s objectives which are:
  • To uphold Christ’s teaching on the nature of marriage and promote its wider understanding.
  • To encourage parents to bring up their children in the faith and life of the Church.
  • To maintain a worldwide fellowship of Christians united in prayer, worship and service.
  • To promote conditions in society favorable to stable family life and the protection of children.
  • To help those whose families have been met with adversity.
Achievements of M.U Department in 2019
  1. Mothers’ Union Enrolment:
The Bishop enrolled a total of 296 ladies in the 7 archdeaconries.
  1. Leaders’Conference:
Weheld a leader’s conference in August 2019.A total of 452 Mothers’ Union leaders converged at Kianyaga Boys High School for a five-day Conference where they were taught on topical issues ranging from leadership, family issues, spiritual issues, financial management and health among others.
  1. Launching our Diocesan Mothers’ Union Kitenge
We finally realized our dream of having our own Diocesan Uniform, which is smart and of very good quality. We invite you to purchase our affordable fabric and promote the growth of our Department
  1. Young Mothers seminars.
The number of young mothers both married and single is rapidly growing in our churches. We acknowledge they are the leaders of tomorrow and they are raising children who are the future parents. As a department over the time we have found the need to include them in our empowerment programs.
In line with that successfulyoung mothers’ empowerment seminars were held in the 7 Archdeaconries. Among the topics presented were resolving conflicts in marriage and parenting skills.
  1. U talent week and rally.
Every year parishes hold well-coordinated Talent weeks whose activities include reaching out to the left-out people in the community like the street children, poverty stricken etc.
We also hold an annual rally and funds drive to support the running of the department as well as the projects aimed at future self-sustenance of the department.
This year we held a successful one. Thanks to God and all our guests and stakeholders who generously supported us.
We are inviting any willing donors, groups or individuals to support our course.
  1. Single mothers’ seminar
The prevalence of single mothers, single by widowhood, divorce & separation, and the never been married has had a tremendous rise. Being very useful members in the church, we have always included them in our empowerment programs.
Last year we held aone-daysuccessful seminar on Human Adjustment
  1. Rededication Service. The first rededication service was successfully held in October.
Achievements of M.U Department in 2020

  • Leaders seminar.
All M.U leaders had seminars and were trained on MULOA (Mothers’ Union Listening Observing and Acting).
Being in their last year of their term, they were prepared for smooth exit.
  • U Clothing Business
In an effort to self-sustenance, we endeavored to start a clothing business, targeting the MU uniform, school uniform and even personal clothing.
A Diocesan Mothers’ Union tailor was officially hired, sewing equipment acquired and the clothing business officially launched in January by the Bishop.
We invite those of you with schools and institutions to consider us for tenders to make and supply whatever clothing and items you need. You are free to come and fit your personal outfits, Sunday school uniform, clergy shirts, clergy& lay readers robes. Visit us at our Diocesan Offices and you will not be disappointed. Our products are neat and our prices competitive


Young Mothers seminars.
Launching our Diocesan Mothers’ Union Kitenge
The Bishop posing for a photo with newly enrolled candidates smartly adorned in the M.U Diocesan Kitenge)
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