The main task of the department is to mobilize resources for the diocese from parishes. This is done through quota payments and other subscriptions.
The department is run by a committee which is composed of all archdeacons from our seven archdeaconries, the administrative secretary, the diocesan accountant, two lay persons who are members of the standing committee of synod, the lay secretary of the standing committee of synod, the director who is an appointee of the bishop and the chairman who is elected by the standing committee of the synod. The day today activities of the department are run by the director.
The department meets at least four times a year as per the diocesan policy.
The department has been able to achieve quit a lot this far. Some of the achievements so far includes: timely payment of quota and other subscriptions by almost all the parishes. Secondly, the diocese has been able to become debt free owing to the fact that the long outstanding balance of Gaciongo /Kathunguri of over nine hundred thousand was cleared last year. Additionally, all parishes have been doing very well in terms of quota payment in that  by the end of June every year all the parishes are able to clear their quotas.
YEAR 2020 Activities
  • 16/1/2020 -           Stewardship committee meeting
  • 31/1/2020 -           Parish executive seminar at Cathedral
  • 21/2/2020 -           Archdeaconry visit at Thiba
  • 28/2/2020 -           Archdeaconry visit at Mutira
  • 20/3/2020 -           Archdeaconry visit at Kiandangae
  • 25/3/2020 -           Stewardship committee meeting
  • 27/3/2020 -           Archdeaconry visit at Kabere
  • 17/4/2020 -           Archdeaconry visit at Cathedral
  • 24/4/2020 -           Archdeaconry visit at Wang’uru
  • 8/5/2020 -           Archdeaconry visit at Ngiriambu
  • 17/6/2020 -           Stewardship committee meeting
  • 7th -9th July 2020 -           Parish evaluation exercise
  • 14th -15th July 2020 -           Data analysis
  • 24/7/2020 -           Stewardship awarding day
  • 18/11/2020 -           end of the year stewardship committee meeting
 Future Plan
The future plan of the department is to have a self-sustaining diocese whereby the diocese through its business and investment arm will be able to supplement the income gotten from the parish.Additionally, the department through its regular capacity building programmes envisions a time when parishes will be paying quota using the proceeds gotten from rents and other forms of investments or supplement the income gotten from the Christians.
To remain a float
This department intends to do the following:
  1. Ensure that the diocesan policy of paying all diocesan subscriptions by the end of June is adhered to by all parishes
  2. The department will be conductions regular stewardship and financial management seminars within the seven archdeaconries between the month of February and May every year.
  • The department will also be conducting capacity seminars within the deaneries and parishes and especially to parishes that are not performing very well in terms of payments.
  1. The department will be working closely with the accounts office to monitor performance of various parishes.
  2. The department plans to work closely will all the archdeacons so as to help in ensuring all parishes are working towards the realization of the objective and that no single parish is left behind in terms of payments and complying with the diocesan policy.
  3. As a way of motivating parishes, the department plans to have an awarding day in the month  July every year to award the best performing, department ,archdeanry,deanery and parishes based on quota payments along other areas.

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